SoftRAID 5.7.3 Crack Mac

Download SoftRAID 5.7.3 Crack For Mac Torrent

SoftRAID 5.7.3 Crack Mac Torrent lets you create and manage disk arrays to increase performance and reliability. The intuitive interface SoftRAID and powerful feature set that this utility a must for any administrator Mac tool OS X Server, the “Pro” user photographer, editor of digital video, or desktop user who wants to backup more reliable security your computer. SoftRAID’s intuitive interface and powerful feature set make this utility a must-have for any OS X Server admin, “Pro” user, photographer, digital-video editor, or desktop user who wants more reliable backup for his computer.

SoftRAID Crack Features:

– SoftRAID does not support creating, modifying or converting APFS volumes,
– There’s a bug in macOS 10.14, Mojave, which causes SoftRAID volumes to not be displayed in the “Storage tab of the “About this Mac window
– In the SoftRAID application which caused clipping in the more info text of the collect system info opt-in dialog. This was only visible when SoftRAID was run with some non-English languages
– The SoftRAID XT version of SoftRAID Easy Setup which caused it not to recognize disks in OWC enclosures.
– In the SoftRAID XT application which prevented it from working with disks in OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad enclosures.
– In the application which caused newly created or erased volumes to be write protected when running Mac OS 10.14.
– The SoftRAID application which prevented the “no errors string from being displayed if a disk had not been initialized to SoftRAID format.
– In the SoftRAID application which could result in unmountable volumes. This could occur if a user selected a RAID 4 or RAID 5 volume which was missing 2 or more disks and selected “Remove Missing Disks from the “Volume menu.
– In the SoftRAID application and SoftRAID Monitor which caused some SSDs to be incorrectly marked as predicted to fail.


SoftRAID 5.7.3 Crack For Mac

SoftRAID 5.7.3 Full Version System Requirement:

RAM: 2 GB RAM at least.
Size: 44 MB.
Disk Space: 500 MB Free Disk Space.

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